Your Next Romantic Cycle 

You tell me what your looking for. Maybe you want to marry? You may wish to only date and not settle down. Whatever you are wanting, I will look for you and see what is on schedule for you BECAUSE I do believe in destiny and the divine timing of it all. The peak timing of events will be included in all the readings below. 

You have the choice to purchase:

Your next Romantic Cycle Reading will include an ENTIRE YEAR of what is to come, month by month break down and time line to what is ahead and accurate predictions for you. Please include your full birthday and birth time and location of birth to get the most from this reading. I use methods of channeling, tarot, numerology, astrology and ancient esoteric symbols. Lots of information to take in if you like the longer readings. The cost of this reading is now discounted to $100. A Valentines Day Special! 
For those that would like a shorter version of this reading, the cost is $66.00 which I will take a look into your solar return for the year. I will give you an overall picture of what is to come through channeling, tarot, numerology, astrology and ancient esoteric symbols that will consist of at least 3 full fat paragraphs or more. 

Lastly, I offer a mini version for $32.22 which will cover the theme of the year, the blessings and the peak targeted time period for love.

Please include your first and last name, full birthday, birth time and location of birth and email address for the reading. 

Romantic Cycle