Meditation Into the White Light 

Be balanced and open to Divine energy in which you will have total access to the unconscious and subconscious mind. It is good to always be in the flow of joy and inspiration.

As you continue to breath, as if you are blowing on glass to fog it, just relax and pay attention to sensations, sights, smells, etc. (I usually work on all my chakras, starting at the root before I get to the 7th (in which I see white light), but if you want to work with just the crown, that is fine too. So when I get to the crown, I do what is called, "breath of fire".

I don't where the white turban thingy or stick out of my tongue, but you get the idea. lol

I do this breathing for about 5 mins and it seems the longer you go the stronger it can be: meaning more intense light, more vibrations, more NVC and a good chance you will become overwhelmed with emotion. Donot think of anything, but imagine yourself going further into the light and keep feeling love for everyone and everything, and it should get stronger as you go higher and higher, and more intense until you feel so much love and overwhelmed with love of God pouring into you. Then for me, the light calms down and goes to purple. I often see bright yellow turning to a bright light green as well. Everyone experiences different things, so give it a try and see what happens for you, if you like. Either way, you find yourself more relaxed, your body can heal itself faster and your mind is calm.

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