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 Know Your Soul begins with several Readings available:

Your Secret Prophecy of Self Email Reading $75.00

This reading is like opening up a giant treasure chest from your very soul! You may already have some clues if you are an awake person, but do you know how much awaits you and what you can do with what you know. This reading will help you as I will give your treasured prophecy that is unique for you, on your personal journey of cosmic order. Your own personal signature so you can value every moment of your emergence. This reading can trigger an inner understanding or awareness of where current events are headed and will end up unless something is done to alter their course. (This is not a future reading but rather what is already available to you). 

I will need your full birthday, time of birth and location of where you were born. It must be exact for this treasured reading!

Karma Report $55.00

This Karma Report will tell you of what the theme was in your past life. What you desired and what you were striving for, what was driving you forward and what was holding you back or hindering you. This reading is not for everyone as some people could find it offensive. (example: if you had power over others in a past life and used that power to manipulate and harm, I will tell you. You may have desired money so much because you had none. You could have lost everything in your life and in this life you always seem to be drawn to new jobs, new information, etc.) So open your heart and mind and discover your secret truths.

(This reading will not tell you that you were a peasant farmer or some nonsense like this, but gives you real insights into the particular energy patterns from the past life that give of a story, a story your soul would know)

Some people wonder why they keep repeating so much of the same patterns in their relationships, careers, etc. in this current time.  I will be able to pinpoint the particular energy from the past life that is still affecting you now that needs to be transformed and how  you can transform it. 

I will need your full birthday, time of birth and location of where you were born. It must be exact for this treasured reading!

Destiny Past Future: The Challenges and Lessons $55

This is a very unique, powerful and truly inspiring email reading you won't want to miss out on! What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? What am I to be learning and why is this keep happening?? I can provide you with lots of insight into your lifes many lessons and challenges to empower you. Very insightful and lots of depth, I will give to you. I never candy coat what I get so please donot be offended if you happen to have a path needing to learn compassion. Every path is unique and different. I do not judge, but just give what I get. If it is the truth you seek and for your highest good of completely empowering yourself, then this reading is for you! You will hear the truth that will be for your highest good. This takes quite a bit of time and my energy and offers quite alot of information/insight and it will empower you. I have been doing this for sometime, but mostly just for close friends and family who have encouraged me to go public, and this way I can help more people on their path. What is it that you need to hear? Spirit knows. Let me help you.

I need your full birthday for this reading. 

Sneak Preview Reading of Life Path $30

This Reading should speak to your soul, if you are consciously aware you should understand the message clearly, it should make sense to you as there are clues and points to what one needs to karmically bring about balance in life. This is NOT a future reading but points to a direction on your path that is not familiar but you feel drawn to take. Plus a bonus about your fate and what that means for you.

I will need your full birthday, time of birth and location of where you were born. 

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