Keep your feet down low and follow your heart til you get to the door. Be yourself and grab a hold- don't look back and take a chance and watch things unfold. Keep your thoughts calm and clear and feel your desires drawing near. You have nothing to lose so go ahead as the clock is ticking and time won't wait....

Some will try on certain beliefs about love and see if they work and then try something else, evaluating, comparing and trying to figure it all out with just the mind. This is an intellectual approach to love with many concepts and ideas without the actual experience to validate it. Through experience and usually through trial and error one will gradually come into the wisdom about love that one seeks. When it is all said and done, the wisdom tells the person that the answers to their questions and problems lie within themselves of their feelings and beliefs. If one can first love themselves then one can find love around every corner. For some it takes a long time to turn the attention within, but ultimately this is where you will find what you have always been looking for....WITHIN.  The wonderful qualities and the love we feel for another is actually within our self. We own our own feelings and some may not share them exactly the same. We come to this realization, we begin to see that all of our relationships are just mirrors of ourselves. We can transfer love we feel back to ourselves and really see just how special we are. Then we can love our partners without being afraid that they will run away and take all this love we feel with them.

 Year in and Year out the captive sat in the cage meekly accepting the hopelessness of his/her situation. One day, quite by accident the captive came to press on the door of the cage for it to swing open. The door had never been locked, and the captive had been free to escape at any time all along. The moral, of course, is that the captive had only been a prisoner of his/her own thinking and nothing more.


*Experience the kind of liberation that comes from feeling free within yourself as a result of releasing your RESENTMENTS and start to perceive things more objectively. As the mystics say....all of life is illusion, and limitation is just a mental construct that can be altered ANYTIME!!!

You are a jewel and you are most valuable and beautiful as well as unique. So when you speak about going through his cell phone, following him or having your man followed in such obsessive ways that make bind you to chains, it makes me wonder if you truly have an understanding of your value. Why are you doing this? In my opinion, the belief that we manipulate someone into behaving and making us feel the love we believe we deserve, is an illusion. Your man has to decide on what kind of man he wants to be and then you can decide if he's the kind of man you want to build with. But you also have to decide if you are ready to be the kind of woman that believes she is worthy of love. When we believe we are worthy of love then others will follow suit and you will be like the honey to the bees and then your life will change. Like always attracts like so if you are involved with another who wounds your heart, you need to revive your own energy. Experiences are good for us, but it is up to one to decide to experience which diminishes your spirit and what brings joy, and to allow such diminishing energy exchanges only reflects upon the opinion you may feel you have of your own energy

All disappointments in relationships are good because they show you what you don't want and lead you back to yourself so you can know your worth and to discover your own potential. A broken heart mends if the proper attention is delivered by the self to the self.