Affirmations to Prosper through the Power of Love

 Divine Love is Healing me now (place your hands over the part of your body needing healing and say I love you to that part)

I love all people, and all people love me without attachment

Divine Love prospers me now

I am the love of God in expression. I let God's love guide, direct and inspire me.

I align my heart to God's (source, divine, christ consciousness, etc) heart. I give all my problems, control and decisions to God.

Divine love, expressing through me, now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and to make my life complete.

I walk in the charmed circle of God's love, and I am divinely irresistable to my highest good now.

Everything is really full of love for me, including those persons. The good that is for me in this situation loves me as much as I love it. The good that is for me in this matter now seeks me and comes flying to me as I behold this situation with love.

This person and this situation are really full of love for me, and I am full of love for them. I praise diving love in this matter now. I behold this situation with love.

I live by the law of love, and love is now, victorious!

I release you to your highest good. I love you but I release you to complete freedom and complete health in whatever way is best. I am free and you are free.

I fully and freely forgive. I loose and let go. I cast all judgements, resentments, criticism and unforgiveness upon the Christ within, to be dissolved and healed. The prospering truth has set me free to meet my rich good and to share my good with others.

I freely forgive you. I let you go. You have gone to meet your good and to share your good elsewhere. It is done, it is finished. I freely forgive you. I let go of all false concepts about you. Only good can come from this experience.

I now release you and bless you. Divine love is adjusting my life and its problems. Realizing this, I abide in peace.

The angel of divine protection goes before me, shielding me from any negative experiences. The angels of divine protection goes before me and prepares my way.