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Emergency 911 Reading

Emergency 911 Love or General Reading Channeled Psychic Email Reading $100.00

What is your Emergency (Up to 3 Questions)

Welcome. This reading is for an Emergency 911 Love  or General Reading, answers to what you need (please be advised I am not a financial advisor or a medical doctor)

When you cannot wait and you need to know NOW! 

*This is your reading if you need a reading to be done in the same day you have requested, within 12 hours your reading will be done for you.

 *If you need a reading on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). 

 Reading will be given within 12 hours from the time I receive your payment. I will notify you at that time and let you know your reading is on its way! ! I will answer up to 3 questions you may ask.  I will channel all the messages I will give it to you.  I never candy coat what I get.



I need your FULL name and FULL birthdate (month, day and year) as well as the other's persons first and last name at least so I can better connect with energies. Please provide me with an email address that I can reply to or I will use the one from your paypal address. Please check your spam mail if you have not received your reading. If you still have not received it, please contact me right away. I send all readings out in the time frame specified (usually 2-5 days)