I hear you through your feelings. 

I am a sensitive  born on 11/11 and a giver of what I know. I have always have had the sense of just knowing. When I meditate or just lay down I get waves of white light where non verbal communication (NVC) comes through and speaks to me and then it goes to purple.  I am very sensitive to vibrations and feel it strongly when information comes through for myself or someone else as it is very much felt as a burning sensation that rises within me. I can feel the angels of God around me when I call on them from just the vibrations alone and they are always with us and come immediately when we open our hearts and ask. Whether one feels it or not, they are there with us! We are never alone! 

I cannot tell you that I am a master psychic and have 50 years of experience, but I am a natural and authentic gifted lightworker and was meant to be of service for others, my feedback speaks for itself. I love people and love to help, as it is my calling. It is natural for me to want to help others from my heart alone. I can feel people's thoughts and the way they feel in general. I donot need to see people in person to give readings as energy needs no space and time.