My focus is on giving truth from spirit to help liberate others and to empower another with truth. Some people don't know which way to go or what to do and it is the indecision that keeps one stuck on lower levels. Psychic readings can tell you what is going to happen based on the present moment. If there is something that you donot like in any psychic reading you can change it, you are the master of your destiny!  By changing your thoughts and energy, you have the power to change your life!

When it comes to things such as soul mates, lovers, friends and family connections, I believe this is more fate so we can learn the lessons we were intended to in a unique and particular incarnation to help one grow in their souls development and to expand. We are spirit, not body and we cannot resist contrast. We are all climbing the same mountain, but taking a different and unique path to get to it. There will be many challenges and lessons to learn, but it is powerful when you KNOW what it is you are to learn, where you are going and what is ahead. I can help you with all of this! However,  I do not do spellwork to make someone come to you. I donot believe in bending another's will. I will not give out lottery numbers, give medical, legal advice or advise of finances.