In The Realms of the Angels: A Support and Protection Email Reading $65.00

 Bright Forces of Angels from the Spiritual World is sending light down upon you. From now be faithful and courageous.

Prepare yourself to receive their messages. This is a thorough and detailed reading of messages you need to hear, so if you have been guided here, you have come to the right place.

This reading covers:

The natural force that is accompanies you

Theme/situation in life

What is hindering you and what you need to pay attention to, what needs to be done or left alone in contact with light realms

This force that stands by your side, the energy and also the angel

what is leading you to higher ways of being, from an experience, situation, etc.

The cosmic message for you from your angel for the current life situation

The inner key and the inner message

I just need your full name and birthday.