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                            Powerful Energy Cycle Reading 

This reading gives a better idea of events to unfold in your life through the energies you have taken on, and the influence of these energies, guiding you in a particular direction for a particular reason for your soul's growth into each cycle.

Your choice of: 

1 Cycle (current time period), or 2 Cycles (current and next year) or 3 Cycles (current and the next 2 years). 

The cycle and/or cycles open you up to more awareness to the events occurring, and the ones soon to come. You get a better idea where you will be going on your spiritual journey, and recognize the patterns you have set up that have led you to your cycle. The lessons through events, through the trials that open the door to something special and unique for the year(s).

Please select either 1, 2, 3 of the cycles (1 cycle is 1 cycle) 2 is 2, etc.:

I need your FULL name and FULL birthdate (month, day and year).   Please provide me with an email address that I can reply to or I will use the one from your paypal address. Please check your spam mail if you have not received your reading. If you still have not received it, please contact me right away. I send all readings out in the timeframe given (usually 2-5 days   )

Powerful Energy Cycle