Jul 28 at 10:46 PM
Hi Charlotte

Thank you so much for the healing work you did. All your observations were spot on.

It's interesting what you said about the 6th chakra and too much worry can cause problems with the eyes. For the last 12 months or so I've been having trouble focusing on objects at a distance. Especially noticeable when driving. It was actually starting to worry me. I put it down to working too many hours in front of a computer screen each day and developing nearsightedness. Well, since your healing I've experienced a miraculous improvement. Like a 95% improvement. I can go from looking at close object to staring at the mountains in the distance and my eyes refocus just like that. I wouldn't have thought it possible if I hadn't experienced it for myself.

On Monday, July 16, 2018, 8:54:32 AM EDT, Jamie wrote:

Good Morning Charlotte. I wanted to follow up on a few things thats going on. You have always been right on the money with EVERYTHING you tell me.

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 7:25:00 PM EDT,  wrote:

 I can say out of all the psychic readings I have had you are the only one who gave me a timeline more or less that aligned with what spirit had revealed to me and things that I have felt. 
“I just had an amazing reading from Charlotte and she was very spot on and the most accurate I have ever received from any psychic. She’s truly connected to spirit and does not water down or sugar coat any messages. Her messages come straight from the heart and also provided me with a sense of healing that I needed. If you are in doubt of getting a psychic reading don’t think twice. Charlotte is your go to psychic. I will definitely be back in the near future for any further insight. Thank you Charlotte!”

Kindest Regards,

Raymond G.


From: Sharisse 
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: Notification of payment received

I do think you should consider a career in mediumship. Everything Is correct I do not know who same is but the rest was correct . But I have a feeling it's one of the girls I have met that use to work with my boyfriend. I will update you on a Sam. I know the aunt Melanie. He did pass away in May he was 21 how did you know that. Your good amazing wow. Ms CHarlotte your good you do need to work as medium. I always wonder if he is laying next when I sleep cause I can feel someone moving on the bed. When I get up no one there. 

Now about the pillow I got him a pillow case for this birthday and I draw a hand made card for him. I gave it to his dad as a surprise for Netzai even though he pass away. I got a feeling to do it. I did not know if that would have upset the father because his son passed away. But I did  it out of pure love for his son. I did not know if that would help the father heal but magic I saw changes in him when I came around for example the father started painting the his store. The color of the store was in a depressing blue it been there for years. When I started coming around. He look at me like I was crazy or had wide eyes. I do not know but he stated changing his store around. I have a picture of the pillow case I got done for my boyfriend 

"At first, I was skeptical of Charlotte's readings. My first
reading from her was about a girl I fell in love with. It contained
negative points and predicted that we would eventually go our separate
ways. I didn't accept what I just read and totally disregarded it. Some
months passed and I forgot about the reading, however, the relationship
turned dramatic and we went our separate ways. Another half year or so I
remembered Charlotte and what she mentioned. I realized how accurate she

      I decided to avail one of her services; a one year forecast of my
future. I received the e-mail from Charlotte and there were some events
she mentioned that I imagine would manifest. From small issues to big
moments of my life. My dad's passing, financial situations,
relationships, she's covered significant events of my life. It brings me
to appreciate how gifted and helpful Charlotte is.

    A year passed and I requested yet another one year reading. Again,
shes mentioned things that I would have highly doubted anyone would
know. I started my business and she somehow knew this before it even
happened. My plans were only shared to a very, very tight circle. Even
then, Charlotte is on the other side of the world far from me.  My
current relationship with my girlfriend has been saved thanks to her
relationship reading as well. She knew exactly how I was feeling and
what has, is and may be going on with the relationship.

    My advice to anyone who may seek for Charlotte's services is not to
completely depend on her readings. She will say that we create our own
energies and are much more powerful than the influences and I believe
this. I've grown to use her readings as a guide. Don't just read it,
LIVE it.

Thank you so much for everything Charlotte. - JM"


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