There is someone that you need to forgive. The person, whoever it is...your mother, your father, your lover, your sister or your brother. The hardest lessons come from the ones we have opened our hearts to the most. To open your heart means to fully live and to use all of your power. It means to be able to start healing as well and to manifest miracles through love. We cannot love when we feel fear. When one releases the fear from the past and forgives EVERYONE then one can experience total love and oneness with all. To live your life with trying to protect your broken heart by closing it off means to close off life and to live a broken hearted life. So open your heart again and again to love and take the risk, and yes, it may get broken let your heart be broken, again and again. If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.


Never forget there is beauty in everything no matter where you are, what it is, where you live... there is beauty. You are beauty.  Be grateful starting out with all the simple things and be thankful. Go into nature as much as you can. Take time to meditate, pray, practice saying affirmations, mantras and exercise if you can. All these things help one to stay grounded and balanced as well. Allow yourself to receive more. Take advantage of what will bring you joy and more balance in your life and declutter from the things you know that lower your energy. Restore your heart center. Do something good for yourself everyday and everyday tell yourself I love you.Live as if your life matters because it does!


When you feel stuck, give your decisions to the Christ Consciousness that is within you. Listen to the life within you that is outside of the rules. Sometimes we don't know what is best. We don't know what we should manifest or times we don't manifest it right and then we change our minds. We didn't want that house afterall or that  person is now driving you nuts and won't leave you alone.  God/Source/Divine..however you wish to say,I prefer God, and I feel it is best for me to align my heart to God's heart and say "thy will be done, not my will, but thy will" as I feel God knows what is best more then we know what is best and I feel it is alot safter to keep it simple. Don't tell God how you want it to be and get so specific because you can create all kinds of scenarios into your life you may not really like or want. God already knows your heart. If you want your finances to improve..ask for financial stability and give to God. You may want the greatest love to come into your life. Ask for emotional security and give to God. I really believe that most of us know deep down inside know what is already coming into our life ,and the more readings I do as well, the more I see this as evidence. I believe that we begin on working on manifesting some things into our lives that is already destined to happen anyways, and we just seem to know it unconsciously. We are just in "the flow" then, but consciously some people are not aware they are "in the flow"and already doing this and already knowing.

Reach into your subconscious mind and tell it where to go then the subconscious mind will tell you what you want.


A great affirmation: I look to the Christ Consciousness to reflect back to me the wisdom, power and the ability to accomplish good with my soul.