NDE Recall Dream (August 25, 2000)

I was in a hurry driving down the highway and going pass 80 mph as I looked at the speedometer I noticed the car was an older car of one in the 50's and I had white gloves on and had papers in my hand while driving and very distracted. It seemed at first a storm was coming as it looked like clouds gathering quickly and the sun seem to be falling out of the sky in what was really this mass explosion, it was a semi truck that had been engulfed in an enormous gaseous explosion heading right towards me. The explosion engulfed me and swallowed me up. I heard a voice tell me not to fear and so I did not go to the fear and I felt no pain but only a great sense of relief and peace. My body and spirit were separating, thats how it felt and whatever I seen I would see it through my spirit. My vision was still with me, but vague through the transformation at first from death to everlasting life. The light which was very intense, loving and bright seemed too intense to look upon but I found myself trying to look at it but for some reason I could not. I was near lots of people and I did not know any of them. I asked somebody why are we all here and what are we waiting for? I was told to wait and be quiet. My life then flashed before me, just the part when I was a year old and I seem to remember the moment clearly as if it were only a minute ago. I felt so very loved and I was sitting on my fathers lap and I had on my beach floppy hat and this cute jumper on and laughing, whining and squirming the entire time. A relative was in front of me being silly. For some strange reason I seen we were all then on this bus and the vision faded. Now I was somewhere else in a large open area. It seemed people were going into other dimensions. I just stayed where I was and seen my grandmother come to me.

When I was burning in the fire, there was no pain and God told me to do unto others which I felt was meant to do with love because also what was told to me was not to be afraid to love and do this unto me so loving as God loves us, not from an ego, but from love from which we all come from. Lastly I was left with never to fear but only love. Fill your heart so full with love there is no room for anything else