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Please do not ask questions within questions. If you purchase a question reading of one, two or more, please kindly keep to the amount of actual questions purchased or you may purchase more questions.. Background information is helpful, but please no additional questions to questions purchased.  Thanks for your understanding.  

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You may send your questions to : or int he Contact Me Box. Thank you.



Please keep in mind, I donot answer questions based on lottery numbers, death, birth's, medical advice,legal advice or financial advice You may send your questions to: or in the Contact Me box. Thank you.


I need your FULL name and FULL birthdate (month, day and year) and at least the other persons first and last name as you can imagine if someone gives me the name Joe, how many Joes are there out there lol. I assume spirit knows but I like to be sure I can better connect with energies. Please provide me with an email address that I can reply to or will use the one from your paypal address Please check your spam mail if you have not received your reading. If you still have not received it, please contact me right away. I send all readings out in the time frame specified. 




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