Your Wish Year Reading, The Year Wishes Really Do Come True

An extensive reading for entire year to come! $111.11 

 What is ahead for you in this particular year, lets find out! This is not a reading for the current year, it is for YOUR WISH YEAR in the future

This reading will look into your future as it pertains to your destiny in connection with ancient secrets from long ago that is quite mystical and fascinating as it pertains to symbols connecting to your wish year ahead. These symbols translate to astrology, tarot and numerology. I will also look into your Solar Return for the year ahead and year after to complete the picture and details more of what you can expect.   This is a very unique and mystical reading which includes the Solar Return so YOU MUST KNOW YOUR CORRECT TIME OF BIRTH AND LOCATION OF BIRTH FOR THE FULL YEAR READING. You won't want to miss out on this! It includes also a full detailed report of the themes ahead, what will support you and what you will be transforming and the result of that, Solar Return explained as it all connects and more! This is not a channeled reading but I do use my intuition to guide me through every one of the readings I offer.  

 Please send your full birthday, exact birth time and location to:

Future Readings: Wish Year