Financially Fortunate: An extensive reading into your best money cycle $88.88

So we all go through cycles every year and there are many different kinds of cycles that last longer then a year. This reading is just for your best money cycle, a fortunate cycle for the entire year! Its a long full page you get! You will get a good idea for what is to come in the year, what destiny has in store for you, what this abundant year offers you. I will look into your Solar Return and give you a full detailed report of the themes ahead, the blessings, timing of events as we go through the months, so this is a full page reading. It is not a channeled reading but I do use my intuition to guide me through every reading I do. 

What is ahead for you in this most fortunate cycle, lets find out!!

I offer a shorter version of this reading for $44.44 which will include the blessings of the year, the theme, Solar Return Reading and when the fortune peaks. 

 Please send your full birthday, exact birth time and location to:

Best Money Cycle