Horoscope Spread Reading $40.00

Each of the 13 houses will relate to a specific area of your life and you will receive good all around guidance.  This is a very lenghthy reading.  You may ask one question, if you choose.

Please forward your name and birthday for reading either on paypal message or send to

 Tarot Readings $25.00   Choose from the Following or create your own with your question for Relationship, etc:

1. Career Conflict for solution and change

2. New Year: Where your Relationship will be this year (goals, hidden factor and emerging factors)

3. Old and New: How your previous Relationship affects your new Relationship

4. Where Are You on Your Life Path (love, spiritual, emotional, romantic, physical, etc)

5. Future of Your Marriage

6. Will I Ever Find My True Mate

7. General Reading with Your ONE Question for focus. 

Please state which number Tarot Reading you would like (as they are numbered 1-6) Please only 1 Question, if you have one.