Welcome! Discover the Secrets of your Love Life Psychic Email Reading which also includes a Romance Psychic Love Reading at the end. $150.00

Here are the secrets you will discover:

The 5 planetary connections of your relationship, included for each couple (in-depth and insightful, not of the generated boring stuff). Attraction, compatible, Intensity and Marriageability factor between you and your partner. 

Will this person break your heart so lets talk about their karma, love styles of both yourself and your partner. Is this relationship right for you, what can you expect, What do you need to know about yourself and your partner together. Who is your Love and what is this person have that you need from them. What are the lessons and how does this person help you to transform your life and how do you help to transform their life.  

This reading reveals a lot of information and takes up to 3 hours to do as it is LIFE CHANGING FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP. At the end of this reading, I will send a separate email with the Romance Reading. 

My main focus is to empower you and give you insight to enhance your life and your relationship! 

I need your full names and full birthdays for this reading