New Moon Incantations to Transform Your Desires Into Reality $17.77

The moon's influence has been recognized since ancient times, but most people donot realize the potential of the power to generate positive outcomes.

This is not a reading, but affirmations that I will design especially for your spiritual path, to make your goals a reality, for your personal spiritual path...wishes to strengthen, to encourage, overcome, for peace..whatever it is you are working on. I also will give you some insight into your path. All I need is your full birthday.  If you are looking for love, wish to change bad habits, searching for inner peace or wishing for fame and fortune. This is for you!

If there is something else you want to work on: fear, addictions, security, romance, etc. just let me know.

These affirmations should be practiced daily. They are also great to do during a new moon with a lit candle, as you say your affirmations while staring into the flame makes it much more powerful.

Alot of people go to others to do spells for them. I personally believe everyone should recognize their own power and do their own work and to use it for their highest good. To make the most of their life in this way. We are powerful creative beings and meant to use the power within to create our outer reality. Many of us have wasted too much time complaining and being negative which has diminished our power. It is time to create the life you were meant to live!